Accuracy verification and counter calibration


Lecomte Meters are able to check the accuracy of your meter. We can evaluate the accuracy of your meter from ½ to 8 inches without any problem using our test bench.


When our technician calibrates flow meters or water meters on the road, he uses 2 methods; the first method, if the pipe has a tap between the device to be checked and the downstream valve, we can connect a fire hose to our control meter outside the chamber. It is preferable, for this method, to have a diversion route so that the water continues to circulate. The second method is performed with an ultrasonic flow meter. The technician installs 2 probes on the pipe to determine the flow rate inside the pipe. This method works with the majority of pipes (PVC, cast iron, stainless steel, copper) of 2" and more.

In addition, regardless of the brand of your meter, we are able to help you.
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