The question of installing water meters on a network does not arise overnight. It integrates with a management policy by providing accurate measurement tools to assess the complex problems of a water distribution system. Lecomte is able to assist you in choosing and developing solutions for water meters.

Depending on the case, imperatives of tax fairness, difficulties in allocating reserved volumes in a regional network, problems with quantity or quality of filtration plants and rehabilitation or improvement projects will often lead to the reflection of administrators of aqueduct. These managers must choose, with the help of technical, financial and fiscal parameters, the most appropriate solution to meet the needs of their clientele. To these technical problems, is added an awareness of the limits of the supply of good quality and the environmental imperatives of water management, be it raw, treated or spent.

The experience acquired in the execution of several hundred projects allows Lecomte to precisely define the specific parameters of your organization and to develop technical and financial solutions tailored to your requirements.